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Property Info

Find out more about your property. Find things like:
Are you in the City Limits? Is there a map of my property?

To check if you are in the city limits visit the Walton County Tax Assessors Office. Click on “Search Records” in the top menu.  Do a lookup of your property by address or name.  If you have trouble locating it, give less data for a list of matches.  Once you find the property listing you can click on the map and see if you are in the highlighted area of the City. You may need to click “City Limits” on the left layer list in order to see the city properties highlighted.  The report will also list your tax district as Walnut Grove (TAX District 07) if you are in the City limits.

City tax

City tax was  implemented in 2018 at a rate of 6 mil.  Current tax is a “roll back” rate of 5.75 mil.

Do you need a permit? 

City Ordinances

Online Forms