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Welcome to the City of Walnut Grove!

Whether you talk to our Mayor, our council or the citizens of Walnut Grove, all have one thing in common, they enjoy being a part of the community of Walnut Grove, Georgia. We are a town of hospitable people, willing to go out of our way to assist newcomers and established citizens. Our schools are excellent and on the desired list of places to have your children attend. Learn about government in Walnut Grove. Attend a city council meeting. Learn about the staff and services of Walnut Grove. Learn about the demographics and weather. Find more on shopping, schools, sporting events, museums, parks and theatres by visiting other pages on our website. You can find the menus at the top of each page on our website.

We are on the way.

Walnut Grove, GA is definitely “on the way”! Progress in our city is moving right along. The Walnut Grove Parkway is completed. The High School complex is grand. The Library is up and running and serving the community. 

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The sewage system has completed the first phase and is in the process of connecting into the new Walton County Fire Station. Taps have been sold to help cover the cost of this new phase. Keep watching for more to happen in Walnut Grove. The many plans for Walnut Grove are either in place or already being implemented.

Walnut Grove is also on the way in other ways… We are on the way to Athens, Atlanta, Conyers, Covington, Loganville, Snellville, the International Horse Park and so many other places.

Living in Walnut Grove means easy access to all these places and more. Enjoy a life of simplicity while having easy access to city life.